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Dentures and fake teeth in Milwaukee


Dentures are custom made, removable dental appliances that’s are designed to replace missing teeth.


Whether it’s all or just some of the teeth that are missing, the doctors at Cudahy Dental are pleased to offer this affordable replacement option for our patients.


Dentures can come in many forms.

Complete dentures are designed to replace teeth when they’re all missing. Thanks to advances in in dental materials, these appliances have become more durable and lifelike than ever before. You can also say goodbye to bulky appliances and denture adhesive with our ability to utilize dental implants to support and hold them in place.


Partial dentures are designed to replace multiple missing teeth when a patient still has multiple, healthy remaining teeth. This style of denture is custom crafted to use a patient’s own natural teeth to support and hold the appliance in place during use.

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